University of Louisiana at Lafayette

People from University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Name Title
Craig Romero American politician
Scott Angelle Louisiana politician
Rick Norwood mathematician author editor educator
Charlie Melancon American politician
Charlotte Beers American businesswoman
A. Hays Town American architect
Ted Haik Louisiana politician
Gerald Theunissen American politician
Gil Pinac American politician
Hollis Conway Athletics (sport) competitor
Curtis Joubert American educator and politician
Gerald Domingue American medical researcher
Lionel Hebert Professional golfer
Charles B. DeBellevue American flying ace
Kenny Bowen American mayor
Carl A. Brasseaux Historian
Weldon Humble American football player
Phil Devey Canadian baseball player
Kathleen Blanco American politician
Jefferson Caffery American diplomat
Albert H. Crews American astronaut and test pilot
William T. Dzurilla American lawyer
Richard T. Haik United States Federal District Judge - Chief Judge of the Western District of Louisiana
Sue Eakin Louisiana historian
Allen C. Gremillion American politician
Keno Hills American football player
Virginia deGravelles Louisiana Republican national committeewoman 1964-1968
Sam H. Theriot American politician
Floyd Sonnier American artist
Lottie Beebe American politician and educational administrator
Robert L. Mouton Louisiana businessman and politician
Bob Angelle American politician
Lether Frazar American politician
George Rodrigue American artist
Clifford Schoeffler United States general
Nannette Jolivette Brown United States District Judge
Jesse C. Deen Louisiana politician and educator
Cecil J. Picard American educator and politician
Beth Rickey American academic
Gil Dozier Louisiana politician and lawyer
David Thibodaux Louisiana politician and writer
Charles Boustany American politician
Dana Gourrier Actress
Teri Wyble Actress
Jerry Luke LeBlanc American politician and educational administrator
Scott Dohmann American baseball player
Francis X Pavy American artist
Charles Fuselier American law-enforcement officer
Glen Provost Catholic bishop
Judith Ford Actor

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