University of Georgia

People from University of Georgia


Name Title
Pat Mitchell American Journalist
Martha Zoller American journalist
Ryan Seacrest Television and radio host; television producer
Scott Holcomb
Coco Miller American basketball player
Andy Roddick American tennis player
Amanda Weir American college swimmer international swimmer Olympic silver medalist
Buckshot Jones American racing driver
IronE Singleton Actor
Johnny Isakson American politician
Kibwe Johnson American hammer thrower
Beth Shapiro American biologist
Bill Gold Graphic designer film poster artist
Andrew Gemmell American college swimmer international swimmer Olympian
West Fraser American painter
Allen Joines American mayor
Kerwin Swint American political scientist
Kim Basinger Actor fashion model
John Morse Professional golfer
Brittany Gray Canadian actor
Cecile Bledsoe American politician
Colin Knight English cricketer
Jermaine Smith American football player
Chee Soon Juan
Chris Colwill American diver
Sultana Frizell Athletics (sport) competitor
Kiesha Brown American basketball player
San E Rapper
Francys Johnson Civil Rights Activist Attorney and Clergy
Bill Rabon North Carolina politician
Teresa Edwards American professional women's basketball player
Wayne Knight American actor and comedian
Carl Sanders American politician
Bill Berry American musician
András Haklits Athletics (sport) competitor
Darrell A. Posey American scientist
Brian Kemp Politician
William Hayes Pope United States federal judge
Jake Fromm Football Player
Bryant Thomas Castellow American politician
Clarence Jordan American bible translator
Homer Hobbs American football player
Hugh A. Haralson American politician
Byron Looper American convicted murderer and political assassin
Frank T. Schnell American archaeologist
Jim Whittenburg American historian
Bjarte Engeset Norwegian conductor
George Foster Pierce American bishop
Charles Wadsworth American musician
William J. Samford American politician

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