University of Delaware

People from University of Delaware


Name Title
Scott Swift Family Member
Susan Barnett American Beauty Pageant Contestant And News Anchor
Charles L. Venable American museum director
Johnny Weir Figure skater
Brian Gorman American baseball umpire
Debra Heffernan American politician
Ömer Sabancı Turkish businessman
David A. Norcross
William Medill American governor of Ohio
Matthew Shipp American musician
Brian Beedenbender
Philip L. Quinn American philosopher and theologian
Deborah Hudson American politician
Lucile Petry Leon Doctor
Susan Olasky American journalist
Peter Thejll Danish physicist
Horace G. Knowles American diplomat
Adam Osborne American writer and software publisher
Jonathan Leo Fairbanks American artist and curator
No Kum-sok
Rein Taagepera Estonian-American political scientist and politician
David Sokola American politician
Vincenza Carrieri-Russo
Frank Robison American baseball executive
Brian G. Pettyjohn
Lodewijk van den Berg Chemical engineer and astronaut
Daniel Nathans American Microbiologist
Reha Denemeç
Daniel E. Button American politician
George William Bagby
Kathleen Cassello Singer
Del Yocam American businessman
Wendell Garrett American historian
Katherine Boehret
Jo Anne B. Barnhart
Clarence Dill American politician
John R. Schmidhauser Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Iowa
Caleb Merrill Wright United States federal judge
William Henry Purnell American lawyer and army officer
Howard P. Boyd American ecologist
Albert F. Polk American politician
Bob Filner American politician
Marvell Scott American journalist
Richard F. Heck
Leonard P. Stark American judge
George R. Riddle American politician
Matt O'Donnell
Robert Smith Walker American politician
Philip A. Traynor American politician
Carole Chaski American linguist

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