University of Colorado

People from University of Colorado


Name Title
Jake Burton Carpenter American snowboarder
Billy Kidd Alpine skier
Adam Goucher Athletics (sport) competitor
Linda Hogan American writer
David Yoo American writer
Linda Chavez American political commentator
Alyson Fox American artist
Dave Upthegrove American politician
David M. Hoffman author political commentator television project director and media activist
Wendy Max American Academic
Susan Osborne American politician
Adam Frank American astrophysicist
Steven Swanson American astronaut
Brian Olson American judoka
Jeanne Nicholson American politician
Dave Grusin American conductor
Stuart Roosa American astronaut
Hideo Sasaki American landscape architect
Chuck Fager American writer
Kendrick Frazier science writer
Lynne Cheney Second Lady of the United States 2001–2009 writer and pundit
W. Edwards Deming Quality Guru
Evelyn Hooker Psychologist famous for demonstrating homosexuality is not a mental disorder
Bethuel M. Webster American lawyer
Faisal bin Musaid Saudi Arabian assassin
Charles E. Snow American anthropologist
Bob Beauprez American politician
Dean T. Prosser American politician
Ewald W. Busse American psychiatrist
Samuel T. Durrance American scientist
Pham Duc Trung Kien American Businessman
Robert Stanley Breed American biologist
George J. Armelagos American anthropologist
Matt Larson Instagram Star
Alberto Bressan Italian mathematician
Rob Briley American politician
Kelly Starrett Fitness Instructor
Loren Acton astronaut
Igor Gamow
David C. Rowe American psychologist
Susie Frazier American artist
Wayne Higby American artist
Francisco Claver First Igorot Bishop
David Haussler bioengineering scientist
Carol Ronning Kapsner American judge
Charles Hull Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Christopher Monroe American physicist
Alan Heyman South Korean muscilogist and composer
Floyd D. Hall American businessman
Carol Rymer Davis American balloonist

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