University of Canterbury

People from University of Canterbury


Name Title
Lianne Dalziel New Zealand politician
Peter Simpson (writer) New Zealand politician
Nicky Wagner New Zealand politician
Megan Woods New Zealand politician
Linda James New Zealand artist
Colin Knight English cricketer
Brian Henry Poet
Keith Locke New Zealand politician
Bryan Bruce New Zealand filmmaker
Craig Clarke Rugby player
Bill Direen New Zealand writer
Darren Schroeder Editor
Claude Weston New Zealand lawyer
John Young (composer) New Zealand composer
Frank Milner School principal educationalist
Adrian Macey New Zealand Diplomat
William Hayward Pickering Rocket Scientist Born In New Zealand
Fong Chan Onn
Craig Nevill-Manning New Zealand Computer Scientist
Warren R. Roper New Zealander chemist
Alice Candy Teacher university lecturer and warden
Lloyd Morrison New Zealand banker
Christine Cole Catley New Zealand journalist writer and publisher
Charles Moihi Te Arawaka Bennett Ngati Whakaue and Ngati Pikiao; broadcaster military leader public servant high commissioner
William L. Holland
Honor Dillon New Zealand Hockey Player
David Jubermann New Zealand writer
Philip Burdon New Zealand politician
Derek Round New Zealand journalist
Charles Edward Adams (seismologist) University lecturer surveyor astronomer seismologist
Liz Calder British publisher
Christina Kirk Henderson Teacher feminist prohibitionist social reformer editor
Warren Tucker New Zealand intelligence officer
John Pickering Lawyer
Evelyn Stokes New Zealand geographer
Ces Blazey Insurance company manager military administrator sports administrator
Ngaio Marsh New Zealand writer
Frank Rolleston New Zealand politician
William Sinclair Marris
Hubert Chanson
Kate Wilkinson (politician) New Zealand politician
Philip Carrington Anglican bishop
Colleen Dewe New Zealand politician
Carl Nixon
Jean Herbison
Bianca van Rangelrooy New Zealand artist
Darrell Tryon New Zealand linguist
Ian Axford New Zealand space scientist
Mervyn Thompson New Zealand playwright
William Young (judge) New Zealand judge

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