The Queen's College

People from The Queen's College


Name Title
Andrew Woodhouse British Archdeacon
Alfred Enoch British actor
Alon Ben-Meir American political scientist and writer
Ian Pace British pianist
Brian Spalding British academic
Claire Taylor Cricketer
Gerald Kaufman British politician
Keith R. Jennings British chemist
Joseph Addison essayist poet playwright politician
Richard Stanley Peters British philosopher
Peter Wheatley Bishop of Edmonton
Brian Barry Academic philosopher
Leonard Kempthorne New Zealand bishop
Philip Bell British soldier politician judge
John Pelloe British Archdeacon
Renfrey Potts Australian mathematician
George Bernard Cronshaw British Academic
Adam Zamoyski Historian
John Vicars English writer
Tim Berners-Lee British computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web
Richard B. Parkinson British Egyptologist
Bev Lyon English cricketer
George Holt Thomas Aviation pioneer and newspaper proprietor
Sampson Darrell English politician
Saxe Bannister Lawyer and writer first attorney-general of New South Wales Australia
Alexander Cardew
John Udal Cricketer
Richard Carwardine Historian
Charles Marryat Dean of Adelaide
George Drewry Recipient of the Victoria Cross
George Drewry Squibb British lawyer
John Norman Davidson Kelly British academic
Jon Driver British neuroscientist
Anastasios Christodoulou
John Okell British linguist
David Smith (botanist) British academic
John Milbank British philosopher
George C. McGhee American diplomat
Robert Burscough
William Wightman Canadian politician
John Sherren Brewer British historian
John Percival (cricketer) English cricketer
Samuel Rush Meyrick
George Wigram English theologian
Frederick Valentin Model
Francis Holyoake lexicographer
Richard Chandler British antiquary
Keith Cox
Alan Smithson Bishop of Jarrow
Oliver Franks Philosopher

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