Royal Military College, Sandhurst

People from Royal Military College, Sandhurst


Name Title
Murray Walker British motorsport announcer
William Moorsom English soldier engineer
Charles Howard-Bury British politician
Gerald Kitson British Army officer
Charles Henry Darling British colonial governor
Francis Prevost British writer
William Denison Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land and Governor of New South Wales
Alexander Godley British Army general
George Pomeroy Colley British Army general
Charles Calveley Foss Recipient of the Victoria Cross
R. E. B. Crompton
Winston Churchill English statesman and author best known as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Billy McLean Major League Baseball umpire
Robert Henry Fowler Cricketer
Francis Yeats-Brown British writer
Alan Lees Royal Air Force air marshals
Gerald Templer Army officer
Cecil Blacker British Army officer and equestrian
Francis Younghusband British army explorer
Charles Kavanagh British Army general
Poulett Somerset British politician
Lewis Pugh Evans Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Reginald Dorman-Smith British politician
Prince Arthur of Connaught British prince
Reginald Dyer British Indian Army general
Wilfrid Wills UK Member of Parliament
William Augustus Adam British politician
Charles Hubert Boulby Blount English cricketer and airman
Charles à Court Repington Army officer war correspondent
Willoughby Gwatkin British Army general
Francis Charles Philips English novelist
Richard Harden English county cricketer
Willoughby Harcourt Carter
Bruce Kinloch British Army officer and conservationist
Richard Harden (politician) British politician
Noel Stephen Paynter
George Gawler Second Governor of South Australia
Claude Maxwell MacDonald British diplomat
Alfred Stowell Jones Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Gerald Cuthbert British Army officer
David Smiley British Army officer
Charles Coleman (British Army officer) British Army general
George Grey Prime Minister of New Zealand
Hugh Seagrim George Cross recipient
Albert Goldsmid
Neville Elliott-Cooper Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Bernard Mordaunt Ward English writer
Kenneth Darling General
Pran Nath Thapar Chief of Army Staff India
Alec Harper British soldier and polo player

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