Radcliffe College

People from Radcliffe College


Name Title
Caroline Kennedy attorney author and U.S. Japan Ambassador
Jessica Mathews American businessman
Pippa Scott American actor
A'Lelia Bundles American journalist
Vivian Lee American radiologist
Diana Balmori Ling American Landscape Designer
Susan Carey American psychologist
Clara Claiborne Park Author about autism experiences
Katherine Ralls American zoologist
Peggy Dulany American philanthropist
Catherine Galbraith American Writer
Mary E. Switzer American civil servant
Mary Sears (oceanographer) American oceanographer
Emily Mann Director
Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch American social worker
Katya Alpert Gilden American writer
Nancy Talbot American businesswoman
Virginia Hamilton Adair American poet
Lorna Marshall American anthropologist
Sarah Wambaugh American political scientist
Roberta Teale Swartz American writer
Betty Diamond American immonologist
Mary Morris (American stage actress) American actor
Leslie Crocker Snyder American judge and lawyer
Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould
Roberta Wohlstetter American academic
Maxine Kumin Poet novelist children's writer
Susan Eaton American political scientist
Lida Shaw King American classical scholar
Linda Pastan American writer
Abby Howe Turner American zoologist
Gisela Kahn Gresser Chess player
Betty Fussell
Abby Leach American classical scholar
Linnie Marsh Wolfe American librarian
Nancy Wexler Americna geneticist
Mary Almy Architect
Wendy Lesser American writer
Adelyn Dohme Breeskin curator museum director art historian
Benazir Bhutto 12th & 16th Prime Minister of Pakistan
Susan Fiske American psychologist
Barbara Tuchman Historian
Lee Robins American sociologist
Mary Lefkowitz American classical scholar
Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn American writer
Viola S. Wendt American poet
Alice Rivlin American economist
Ida R. Hoos American sociologist
AJ Cann Football Player
Fannie Fern Andrews American lecturer teacher social worker and writer

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