Phillips Academy

People from Phillips Academy


Name Title
George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States
Willow Bay American model and journalist
Alexander Stille American journalist
Brian Kibler American player of Magic: The Gathering
William S. Church American politician
Vanessa Kerry American doctor
Bill Drayton
Carl Andre American artist
Cory Schneider American ice hockey player
Marvin Minsky Cognitive Science
Andy Ireland American politician
Francis Joseph Wing United States federal judge
Norman G. Young AMerican civil engineer
Moses T. Stevens U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (1891–1895)
Jimmy McLane American swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder
William Hayes Ward American writer
George H. W. Bush American Politician, 41st President Of The United States
William D. Cohan Financial journalist; former investment banker
Jeb Bush Governor of Florida
David Kinley American economist
Nathaniel Parker Willis American magazine writer editor and publisher
Joseph Emerson Worcester American lexicographer
John Morton Blum American political historian and Yale professor
Charles R. Bentley American scientist
Christopher McKee American astronomer
William Le Baron Jenney American architect
Dean Gitter
George Whipple American pathologist
Robert Macauley American businessman
Ryan O'Neal TV Actor
Andre M. Davis American judge
Howard M. Baldrige American politician
Jeff MacNelly Cartoonist
Michael Beschloss Historian
William Irvin Swoope American politician
Lachlan Murdoch Businessman
D. M. Marshman, Jr.
Richard B. Sewall American academic
Charles Greeley Abbot Astrophysicist astronomer
Adam Namm American diplomat
Robert Battey American surgeon
John Whitney Hall American Japanologist
Charles Colcock Jones American planter
Samuel Newell Bell American politician
Bobby Farnham Hockey Player
William Augustus Stearns President of Armherst college
William Morris Hunt American artist
Leland T. Powers American academic
Horace Fairbanks American politician
Christopher Wray Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

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