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People from Occidental College


Name Title
Andrew Ferguson American journalist
Carmen Chu Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco
David M. Louie American attorney general
Joanna Gleason Canadian actress and singer
David L. Aaron American diplomat and international expert and writer
Richard A. Falkenrath American academic and counter-terrorism expert; Deputy Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism of the New York City Police Department
Linda Bradford Raschke American financier
Kathy Augustine American politician
Barack Obama American politician 44th President of the United States
Brent Dalrymple American geologist
Allan MacRae
Carrie Vaughn American writer
F. Dale Bruner American Biblical Scholar
Hoshang Merchant Indian writer
Charnvit Kasetsiri Thai historian
Robinson Jeffers American poet
Alphonzo Bell American tennis player
Ben Affleck American Actor
Everett T. Moore
Lucy Schwartz American singer-songwriter
Karen L. Gould professor college president
Lewis Sargentich American law clerk
Phillip S. Paludan professor of Lincoln Studies at the University of Illinois Springfield and a leading authority on the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln
William Moseley Jones American politician
N. Gregory Hamilton American psychiatrist
Chris Gulker American writer photojournalist and blogger
Francia White American soprano
Nik Dodani TV Actor
Lindy West Non-Fiction Author
Al Kerth Saint Louis civic leader
Robert Badham American politician
David B. Dunn American diplomat
George M. McCune American linguist
Ninja Jorgensen Former volleyball player
Chris Norby California State Assemblyman
Rebecca L. Schiff American academic
Dean Cromwell American sports coach
Howard Judd American physician and women's health researcher
Linda A. Malcor
Wilbert Tatum American publisher
Gladys Waddingham American writer
Glenn S. Dumke historian university executive
Richard O. Cowan
David Getches Law professor
Jack Kemp American football player quarterback U.S. Congressman
Vinai Thummalapally U.S. Ambassador to Belize
Vicki Vann American singer-songwriter
Richard Deaver Sailor
Erik Patterson Writer
Gabriela Cowperthwaite Director

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