Massachusetts Institute of Technology

People from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Name Title
Philip Kotler American Marketing Author, Consultant And Professor
Ali Khademhosseini Iranian scientist
Francis deSouza American businessman
Alan Pierson American conductor
Nicholas A. Peppas American chemical engineer
Robert M. Gray American information theorist
John G. Trump American engineer and physicist
Calvin Hicks American journalist activist
Jonathan Rosenberg Artist
Deborah Chung American Materials Scientist
Nancy Lynch American Computer Scientist
Suhas Patil Indian businessman
André Berger Climatologist professor
Gideon Gartner
David S. Johnson American computer scientist
Joseph Hanlon
Beth Levin American musician
Glenn Laffel American physician
Brandon Wade American businessman
David Finkelstein American physicist
Nathaniel Pearlman
Robert E. Dickinson Meteorologist
John Thain American banker
Mary Lou Jepsen American business woman
Ali Allawi Minister of Finance in the Iraqi Transitional Government 2005-2006
Kenichi Ohmae Japanese academic
Benjamin Fry American expert in data visualization
Robert Thirsk Canadian astronaut
Noam Chomsky linguist psychologist and activist
Evan Siegel American mathematician
Bill Freeman Canadian author and playwright
Bob Frankston American Businessman
Robert S. Lucas US Coast Guard Amiral
Daniel Carp
Ken A. Dill Chemist
Kenneth Morse Ken has been a high performance leader in global high tech sales and sales management for 35 + years.
Bruce Morrison American politician
Christopher Cassidy American astronaut and U.S. Navy SEAL
Charles Correa Indian architect
Mitch Kapor Co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Philip Greenspun American computer scientist and entrepreneur
Saul Griffith American businessman
George Economou American poet
Nathan Ball American pole vaulter
Christopher Chang American biochemist
Matthew Rabin American economist
Megan Smith Businessperson
William Shepherd American astronaut
Andrew Kay American businessman
Peter Shor Computer scientist who discovered Shor's algorithm

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