Marshall University

People from Marshall University


Name Title
Billy Crystal American actor
Chris Cline American coal mining entrepreneur and philanthropist
Quentin Wilson American engineer
Rick Thompson American politician
Griffin McElroy Blogger
Rob Redding American journalist
Kelli Sobonya American politician
Cynthia Rylant American children's writer
Andre O'Neal American football linebacker
Hal Greer Basketball Player
Clint McElroy
Hubert S. Ellis American politician
Charlotte Pritt American politician
Howard B. Lee American politician
W. H. Seward Thomson United States federal judge
Richie Robb American mayor
John Hartranft War Hero
William Henry Pope (U.S. politician) American politician
Robert Charles Chambers United States federal judge
Nelson S. Bond American writer
Jessi Pierson American model
R. Jay GaBany American astronomer
Joseph Duffey American diplomat
David Perno American baseball player and coach
Jeff Eldridge American politician
Mohammed Shabir Palestinian microbiologist and politician
William Laird IV American politician
Mary Jean Harrold American computer scientist
Lonnie Thompson American paleoclimatologist
Ted Tomblin American politician
Robert H. Plymale American politician
Breece D'J Pancake
Lisa Thomas-Laury American television journalist
Mitch Carmichael American politician
Rick Snuffer West Virginia politician
Jim Justice Director
Robert Byrd United States Senator from West Virginia
Darrell Fetty A versatile actor writer and singer and recently an Emmy nominated award producer
Conchata Ferrell Actress
Ron Stollings American politician
Press Taylor American football player
Don Perdue American politician
Lea Ann Parsley Skeleton racer
Troy Andes American politician
Stephanie Thacker United States Circuit Judge
Skylene Montgomery {Skylene Montgomery (born December 6 1984) is a pageant titleholder from Parkersburg West Virginia who competed in the Miss USA pageant in April 2008.|Montgomery won the Miss West Virginia USA 2008 title in a state pageant held in October 2007. It was her first attempt at the title although in 2006 she was crowned Ms. West Virginia United States and competed at the Ms. United States Pageant She was crowned by Kasey Montgomery of Morgantown. Skylene represented West Virginia in the Miss USA 2008 pageant held April 11 2008 in Las Vegas Nevada. As Miss West Virginia USA Montgomery has worked to promote her platform to reduce childhood obesity in West Virginia.|Montgomery is the daughter of Skylar and Darlene Montgomery. She attended Parkersburg South High School where she received all state honors in both softball and volleyball. Montgomery is a 2007 graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelors of Arts in Exercise Physiology. Montgomery is a 2009 graduate of West Virginia University's
H. Truman Chafin American politician
Michael Moe Myint
Larry Coyer American football player and coach
Josh Stowers American politician

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