Hotchkiss School

People from Hotchkiss School


Name Title
Allison Janney American actress and singer
Caitlin Cahow Ice hockey player
Alissa Keny-Guyer American politician
Lily Rabe American stage and screen actress
Scott Frantz Connecticut politician public official
Peter Duchin American pianist and band leader
Walter Phelps Hall
Livingston T. Merchant American diplomat
Jonathan Bush American banker
William H. T. Bush American banker
Walter Houghton American historian
William Loeb III newspaper publisher
John Shedd Reed American railroad executive
Alfred Whitney Griswold American historian
Peter Arno Cartoonist
Robert D. Orr American politician
Chris Meledandri American film producer
Robert Bork United States federal judge
Alejandro Santo Domingo Colombian businessman
MacKenzie Scott Novelist
Matt Herr American ice hockey player
Jerry Voorhis Congressman
Lewis H. Lapham American journalist
John H. Hammond American Record Producer, Civil Rights Activist And Music Critic
Benjamin Woods Labaree American historian
Briton Hadden
Charles Edison American politician
David McCord Lippincott American composer
Hod O'Brien American musician
Sam Wagstaff American art curator
C. Langhorne Washburn American politician
C. D. B. Bryan American journalist
Leonard Woods Labaree American historian
Lewis Henry Lapham American businessman
Peter W. Hall American judge
Clark T. Randt, Jr. American diplomat
Lewis A. Lapham American businessman
Robert Lehman American banker race-horse owner and philanthropist
Charles Woodruff Yost American diplomat
Porter Goss American politician and first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Richard McGee Morse Latin Americanist
Fay Vincent American film studio executive
Varian Fry American journalist
Ted Coy American football player and coach
Richmond Landon Athletics (sport) competitor
Philip Goodhart British politician
Andrew Roraback American politician
William Scranton Governor of Pennsylvania
Robert C. McCormack
Warner LeRoy

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