DeWitt Clinton High School

People from DeWitt Clinton High School


Name Title
Robert Klein American actor and comedian
Sam Gross American cartoonist
Ace Frehley American musician
Nicholas Samstag American publicist
Vito Marcantonio American politician
Walter Hoving American businessman
Al Goodhart American radio announcer vaudeville pianist and songwriter
Benjamin Kaplan American judge
Howard Taubman American theatre critic
Ricardo Montano New York politician
Garry Marshall Actor director writer producer
Basil A. Paterson American Politician
Philip Elman American lawyer
Howard V. Lee United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient
Sanjay Ayre Athletics (sport) competitor
Amos E. Joel, Jr. American electrical engineer
Lewis Rudin American real estate investor and developer
Benjamin Ralph Kimlau united States Air Force officer
Stan Lee American comic book writer and creator
Lewis Samuel Feuer American sociologistAmerican sociologist
Alfred J. Kahn Social policy expert
Frank Caplan
Ward Moore American writer
Jerry Harkness American basketball player
Sam Garnes American football player
Bob Rothberg American songwriter
Ricky Sobers American basketball player
Dan Kraus American Basketball player
Daniel Edelman
Ben Auerbach American professional basketball player in the 1940s. Played in the American Basketball League.
Lincoln Alexander Canadian politician
Benjamin Sonnenberg American press agent
William Zeckendorf American businessman
Vincent Fago American comic artist
Countee Cullen American writer
Allen Weinstein American historian
Lionel Trilling American academic
Leo Gottlieb American basketball player
Samuel Adams Darcy Communist organizer
Richard A. DiCostanzo New York politician
Lou Bender American basketball player
Frank D. Gilroy American dramatist film producer
Jack Rudin
Waldo Frank Novelist historian critic
Richard Avedon American photographer
Bernie Fliegel American basketball player in the 1930s and 1940s
Johnny Most American sports announcer
Lew Brown American composer
William Kunstler American lawyer and civil rights activist
Al Casey Actor

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