Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse

People from Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse


Name Title
Bruno Mantovani French composer
Frédéric Chaslin French composer
Mauro Maur Italian musician
Éric Morin Canadian classical music composer and educator
Lionel Bringuier French conductor
Gilbert Amy French composer and conductor
David Grimal French violinist
Charles Jay American politiican
İdil Biret Turkish musician
Tedi Papavrami Albanian musician
Charles-Valentin Alkan French composer and pianist
Charles Quef French organist and composer
Émile Durand French composer
Pierre Fournier French musician
Felipe Boero Argentine musician
Joseph Daussoigne-Méhul French composer
Alexis de Castillon French composer
Sylvain Cambreling French conductor
Ginette Martenot French musician
Mon Schjelderup Composer
Maurice André Trumpeter
Ida Gotkovsky French composer
Jean-Marie Beaudet Canadian musician
Andre Lafosse French musician
Ginette Neveu French musician
Jean-Pascal Chaigne French composer
Victor Capoul French opera singer
Camilla Urso French violinist
François George-Hainl French conductor
Claude Delvincourt French composer
Constance Jawureck Singer
Jef Gilson French musician
Félix Fourdrain French composer
Jean Casadesus French musician
Samuel Dushkin American musician
René Vierne French composer
Giles Swayne British composer
Claire Delbos French musician
André Wormser French composer
Georges Tzipine French musician
Hitomi Kaneko Japanese composer
Francis Thomé French pianist and composer
Joseph-Ermend Bonnal French organist teacher and composer
Adolphe Blanc French composer
Ambroise Thomas French composer
Christian Ferras French musician
André Isoir French organist
Daniel Deffayet French musician
Pierre Labric French musician
Fernand Gillet French musician

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