Colgate University

People from Colgate University


Name Title
David Toscano American politician
Francesca Zambello American opera director
Kate Clinton American comedian
Chris Paine American film director
Katie Redford American activist
Jim Welsh American football player
Bill Nojay American politician
Monique Mehta American activist
Kim Edwards Author educator
Bud Hedinger Talk Radio Host
Marvin Hubbard Player of American football
Chase Carey
Robert Audi American philosopher
Philip Beard American writer
Jim Courter Member of the United States House of Representatives from New Jersey
F. Clifton White American political consultant
Neil F. Quinter American politician
Brandon Corp Professional Lacrosse player
Peter Tarnoff American politician
Albert Perry Brigham American geologist
Jon Kimmel American football player
Alan A. Jones American chemist
Cyrus Colton MacDuffee American mathematician
Frank E. Midkiff High Commissioner of the Trust territory of the Pacific
Charles Evans Hughes American judge
Nathaniel Schmidt U.S. orientalist
Richard Harrington Levet United States federal judge
Brad Ashford American politician
Stephen B. Burke Business Executive
Howard Fineman Journalist
Albert Allen Bartlett Professor of Physics
W. Sterling Cole American politician
Jimmy McLaughlin Soccer Player
George Edwin Rines United Stated editor
Charles Wasicek American football player
Bernie Siegel American writer
Cyrus Eaton Entrepreneur
Dan Fortmann American football player
David G. Hartwell American writer
Daniel N. Robinson American philosopher
Oswald Avery Doctor
Robert Oaks American politician
Gerald Fischbach American physician and neuroscientist
Prex Merrill American football coach
Bruce Buck
Frank Castleman American hurdler and coach
Cyrus S. Eaton American businessman
Alan Frumin American Lawyer And Political Advisor
Kyle Wilson Football Player
Maurice G. Hindus

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