Brooklyn Technical High School

People from Brooklyn Technical High School


Name Title
Gerry Goffin Songwriter
Charles Wang American businessman
Charlie Davis Basketball Player
William L. Mack Canadian politician
George R. Caron
Al Lerner American businessman
Francis Grasso DJ
Werner Roth Actor
Chris Stanley Canadian ice hockey player
Harvey Lichtenstein American dancer
Jack Maple Police officer
Al Ferrari American basketball player
Diane Dixon Athletics (sport) competitor 400 metres
Erinn Smart Fencer
Frederik Pohl American science fiction writer
Gary Ackerman American politician
Tommy Holmes American baseball player coach manager
Turk Lown American baseball player
Steven Sasson American inventor
Anthony Weiner Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York
Arno Allan Penzias American physicist
Vernon Reid Guitarist songwriter and composer
Leonard Riggio American businessperson and entrepreneur
Lou Ferrigno American actor
Matthew F. McHugh American politician
Karol J. Bobko American astronaut
Tom Chapin Actor
Walter Yetnikoff Music industry executive
Lee David Zlotoff
Mark Sarvas American writer
Keeth Smart Fencer

Brooklyn Technical High School (0 years)
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