Bowdoin College

People from Bowdoin College


Name Title
Christopher R. Hill American diplomat
Leon Gorman American businessman
DJ Spooky American DJ
Abelardo Morell American photographer
Phil Austin American comedian and writer
A. K. M. Adam American theologian
Will Hanley American basketball player
Andrew Gibson Canadian curler
John Stevens Cabot Abbott Historian pastor writer
Amory Holbrook American politician
Everett P. Pope United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient
Joan Benoit American long-distance runner
Samuel C. Fessenden American politician
William LeBaron Putnam United States federal judge
C. A. Stephens writer and gerontologist
Melville Fuller United States federal judge
Charles Beecher United States clergyman and writer
Charles Henry Howard United States general
Jonathan Stanton American ornithologist
Charles Fletcher Johnson American politician
Taylor Mali American writer
John P. Hale American politician
George F. Talbot American lawyer
William C. Larrabee
Francis Fessenden United States Army general during American Civil War
Benjamin Randall American Baptist leader
Daniel Dole Protestant missionary and educator from the United States to the Hawaiian Islands
George J. Mitchell American politician
Cyrus Hamlin American Middlebury College president
Charles Carroll Everett American philosopher
Boyd Bartlett American physicist
Samuel Thurston American pioneer
Charlotte Agell American novelist
Francis Robbins Upton American physcist
Philip Hunter Timberlake American entomologist
Alpheus Felch American politician
William D. Washburn American politician
David Richard Porter American minister
Robert Peary United States admiral
George Edwin Lord
Lorenzo De Medici Sweat American politician
Andrew Haldane World War II Pacific Theater Marine Captain
Wendell Abraham Anderson American mayor
John J. Studzinski British banker
Jonathan Cilley American politician
Alpheus Spring Packard American entomologist palaeontologist
Kevin Bubriski American photographer
Lawrence Lee Pelletier
Hodding Carter
Jonathan Greenleaf Eveleth American businessman

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