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Vicki Belo, 65 Filipino dermatologist and television personality
Joseph Mercola, 66 American alternative medicine proponent
Stuart Linder, 55 American plastic surgeon and media personality.
Robert Rey, 59 Brazilian plastic surgeon
Zakir Naik, 55 Muslim leader
Sanjay Gupta, 51 journalist medical correspondent neurosurgeon
Will Kirby, 48 American Big Brother winner
Brian Weiss, 76 American psychiatrist
Jennifer Ashton, 51 Physician/author/television medical contributor
Anthony Shaw, 85 British general
Garth Fisher, 62 American plastic surgeon
Edward de Bono, 87 Maltese philosopher
Jason Diamond, 50 American plastic surgeon and media personality
Tania Medina, 39 Dominican Republic model
Terence English, 88 Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Ben Carson, 69 American neurosurgeon
Julie Holland, 55 Author psychiatrist and psychoparmacologist
Regina Benjamin, 64 Surgeon General of the United States
Robert Winston, 80 British scientist
Magdi Yacoub, 85 Egyptian scholar
Vicky Guzman, 76 Doctor
Doctor Mike, 31 Doctor
Dr. Heavenly, 50 Doctor
Simone Whitmore, 54 Doctor
Jacqueline Walters, 62 Doctor
Contessa Metcalfe, 44 Doctor
James Naismith, 78 Canadian-American coach
Terry Dubrow, 62 Doctor
Paul Nassif, 58 Doctor
Dr. Ranjit Singh, 41 Doctor
Elizabeth Blackwell, 89 abolitionist women's rights activist
Xand van Tulleken, 42 Doctor
Conrad Murray, 68 Doctor
Cesar Velilla, 47 Doctor
Dr Charles Drew, 45 Doctor
Chris van Tulleken, 42 Doctor
Edward Jenner, 73 English doctor introduced and studied the smallpox vaccine
Paul Thomas M.D., 64 Doctor
Nowzaradan Younan, 76 Doctor
Emily MacDonagh, 31 Doctor
Daniel Hale Williams, 73 Doctor
Eugene Harris, 42 Doctor
George Miller Beard, 43 American neurologist
Daniel David Palmer, 68 founder of Chiropractic
Paulina Zúñiga, 29 Doctor
Frederick Banting, 49 Medical scientist
Damon Kimes, 50 Doctor
Albert Schweitzer, 90 German theologian musician philosopher and physician