Zoran Đinđić

Zoran Đinđić
August 1, 1952
Death Date:
March 12, 2003 (age 50)
Birth Sign:

Zoran Đinđić was born on August 01, 1952 (died on March 12, 2003, zoran Đinđić was 50 years old) .


Zoran Đinđić was a Serbian politician who was the Prime Minister of Serbia from 2001 until his assassination in 2003. He was the Mayor of Belgrade in 1997 and long-time opposition politician and a doctor in philosophy. Đinđić was one of the original thirteen restorers of the modern Democratic Party and became its president in 1994. read more

Is Zoran Đinđić still alive?

No, zoran Đinđić died on 03/12/2003, 17 years ago. Zoran Đinđić was 50 years old when zoran Đinđić died. Zoran Đinđić died in Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade

What was Zoran's zodiac sign?

Zoran Đinđić zodiac sign was leo.

When is Zoran Đinđić's next birthday?

Zoran Đinđić was born on the , which was a Friday