Zoe Porphyrogenita

Zoe Porphyrogenita
Birth Place:
January 1, 978
Death Date:
June 1, 1050 (age 72)

She was born on January 01, 0978 (died on June 01, 1050, she was 72 years old) in Constantinople, Istanbul.


Zoe reigned as Byzantine Empress alongside her sister Theodora from April 19 to June 11 1042. She was also enthroned as the Empress Consort to a series of co-rulers beginning with Romanos III in 1028 until her death in 1050 while married to Constantine IX. read more

Her Parents

Helena, Daughter Of Alypius
Helena, Daughter Of Alypius
Constantine VIII
Constantine VIII

Her mother is Helena, Daughter Of Alypius and her father is Constantine VIII. Her mother died at the age of (Zoe was 47 years old). When Zoe born she was 77 years old. () and Constantine VIII was 18 years old when Zoe born. Her father was a Emperor of the Byzantine Empire.


Zoe Porphyrogenita had 1 sibling. Theodora


She had one child, Michael (27) . When her first child, Michael V Kalaphates, was born, Zoe Porphyrogenita was 37 years old.

Is Zoe Porphyrogenita still alive?

No, she died on 06/01/1050, 969 years ago. She was 72 years old when she died. She died in Constantinople and buried in Church of the Holy Apostles .

What was Zoe's zodiac sign?

Zoe Porphyrogenita zodiac sign was capricorn.

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When is Zoe Porphyrogenita's next birthday?

Zoe Porphyrogenita was born on the , which was a Thursday

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