Yuri Dolgorukiy

Yuri Dolgorukiy
January 1, 1099
Death Date:
May 15, 1157 (age 58)
Birth Sign:

Yuri Dolgorukiy was born on January 01, 1099 (died on May 15, 1157, yuri Dolgorukiy was 58 years old) .


Yuri I Vladimirovich known under his soubriquet Yuri Dolgorukiy was a Russian Rurikid prince and founder of Moscow. He reigned as Velikiy Kniaz of Kiev from September 1149 to April 1151 and then again from March 1155 to May 1157. read more


Yuri Dolgorukiy had six children, Rostislav , Olga , Andrey (63) , Mikhail (31) , Gleb (21) and Vsevolod (58) .

Is Yuri Dolgorukiy still alive?

No, yuri Dolgorukiy died on 05/15/1157, 863 years ago. Yuri Dolgorukiy was 58 years old when yuri Dolgorukiy died.

What was Yuri's zodiac sign?

Yuri Dolgorukiy zodiac sign was capricorn.