Yohannes IV King

Yohannes IV
July 11, 1837
Death Date:
March 9, 1889 (age 51)
Birth Sign:

Yohannes IV was born on July 11, 1837 (died on March 09, 1889, yohannes IV was 51 years old) . Yohannes IV nickname was Emperor Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah King of Zion King of Kings of Ethiopia Elect of God.


Yohannes IV born Lij Kassay Mercha Ge'ez was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1872 until his death. read more

Is Yohannes IV still alive?

No, yohannes IV died on 03/09/1889, 131 years ago. Yohannes IV was 51 years old when yohannes IV died. Yohannes IV died in Metemma

What was Yohannes's zodiac sign?

Yohannes IV zodiac sign was cancer.

When is Yohannes IV's next birthday?

Yohannes IV was born on the , which was a Tuesday