Yazid III

Yazid III
January , 701
Death Date:
January 1, 0744 (age 43)
Birth Sign:

Yazid III was born on January 01, 0701 (died on January 01, 0744, yazid III was 43 years old) .


Yazid ibn al-Walid ibn 'Abd al-Malik or Yazid III was an Umayyad caliph. He reigned for six months from April 15 to October 3 or 4 744 and died in that office. Yazid was the son of a Persian princess who had been given as a concubine to Caliph al-Walid I. read more

Is Yazid III still alive?

No, yazid III died on 01/01/0744, 1276 years ago. Yazid III was 43 years old when yazid III died.

What was Yazid's zodiac sign?

Yazid III zodiac sign was capricorn.

When is Yazid III's next birthday?

Yazid III was born on the , which was a Tuesday

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