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William Clark
Birth Place:
Caroline County, United States of America
United States of America
August 1, 1770
Death Date:
September 1, 1838 (age 68)
Birth Sign:

He was born on August 01, 1770 (died on September 01, 1838, he was 68 years old) .


Clark was an American explorer, soldier, Indian agent, and territorial governor. A native of Virginia, he grew up in prestatehood Kentucky before later settling in what became the state of Missouri. Clark was a planter and slaveholder. Along with Meriwether Lewis, Clark helped lead the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806 across the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean, and claimed the Pacific Northwest for the United States. Before the expedi.. . read more

His Parents

Ann Rogers
Ann Rogers
John Clark
John Clark

His mother is Ann Rogers and his father is John Clark. and John Clark was 162 years old when William born. His father is a Director.

Is William Clark still alive?

No, he died on 09/01/1838, 181 years ago. He was 68 years old when he died. He died in St. Louis and buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery .

What was William's zodiac sign?

William Clark zodiac sign was leo.


William Clark had 2 siblings. George (17 years older) and Jonathan


He had fourteen children, Jane , Meriwether (72) , John (57) , William (60) , Annie (84) , Alexander (80) , Sarah (94) , John (88) , Jane (71) , Simon (69) , Henry (86) , Garnet (129) , Ruby (70) and Jessie (60) .

Game & Races (1)

Name Age at that time
The Dork and Snot Expedidootion -

When is William Clark's next birthday?

William Clark was born on the , which was a Wednesday