Talal of Jordan World Leader

Talal of Jordan
Birth Place:
Mecca, Mecca Region
February 26, 1909
Death Date:
July 7, 1972 (age 63)
Birth Sign:

He was born on February 26, 1909 (died on July 07, 1972, he was 63 years old) in Mecca, Mecca Region.


Talal I bin Abdullah 26 February 1909 – 7 July 1972) was King of Jordan from 20 July 1951 until forced to abdicate in favour of his son Hussein due to health reasons on 11 August 1952. Talal's family claims a direct line of descent from the Islamic prophet Muhammad. read more

His Parents

Musbah bint Nasser
Musbah bint Nasser
Abdullah I of Jordan
Abdullah I of Jordan

His mother is Musbah bint Nasser and his father is Abdullah I of Jordan. His mother died at the age of 77 (Talal was 52 years old). When Talal born she was 25 years old. and Abdullah I of Jordan was 27 years old when Talal born. His father was a King of Jordan.

Is Talal of Jordan still alive?

No, he died on 07/07/1972, 48 years ago. He was 63 years old when he died. He died in Istanbul and buried in Raghadan Palace .

What was Talal's zodiac sign?

Talal of Jordan zodiac sign was pisces.


Talal of Jordan had 1 sibling. Naif (5 years younger)

Awards (6)

Awarded Supreme Order of the Renaissance , awarded Honourable Order of the Two Rivers , awarded Grand Cross of the Military Merit - White Decoration , awarded Order of the Star of Jordan , awarded Grand Order of the Hashimites ,


He graduated from Royal Military College, Sandhurst


He had four children, Hussein (63) , Prince (80) , Prince (73) and Basma (69) . When his first child, Hussein of Jordan, was born, Talal of Jordan was 26 years old.

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When is Talal of Jordan's next birthday?

Talal of Jordan was born on the , which was a Friday