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Sheryl Sheinafia Tjokro or better known as Sheryl Sheinafia (born in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 4, 1996) is an Indonesian actress, presenter and singer-songwriter of mixed Chinese and Madurese descent.

Life and career

Born on December 4, 1996, in Jakarta, Indonesia. She began her career as a solo musician in 2009 when she released her first album titled, "Sheryl Sheinafia" with Musica Studios.

In 2014, Sheryl became a host for a music show called "Breakout" on NET TV where she was recognized for her uniqueness in hosting whilst singing and playing the guitar in between different segments of the show.

In 2017, Sheryl grew interest in the performing arts, and landed several leading roles in various movies. She received awards for or work in movies such as, "Koala Kumal" through which she received the, "Breakthrough Actress of The Year" and, was nominated for "Indonesia's Best Female Actress" award for her performance in, "Galih dan Ratna" in 2018.

Despite the positive recognition Sheryl received from the movie and TV industry due to her acting and hosting work, in 2017 she returned to her roots as a musician and released her self-written hit "Sweet Talk", produced by Tushar Apte. "Sweet Talk" became the biggest release of her career so far. Following its release, the song became well known due to its unique vertical music video production and received "Best Music Video of The Year" from the SCTV 2018 awards and many other nominations.


Sheryl Sheinafia (2013)

ii (2017)

= Single

Drowning (2010)

Demi Aku (2012)

Rasa Sunyi (2013)

Bla Bla Bla (2013)

Kita Berdua (2014)

Ku Tunggu Kau Putus (2017)

Kedua Kalinya (2017)

Gita Cinta (2017)

Sebatas Teman (2017)

Sweet Talk (2018)

Fix You Up (2018)

I Don't Mind (2018)

Setia (2019)

Positif (2019)

Okay (2020)


Marmut Merah Jambu (2014)

Koala Kumal (2016)

Galih dan Ratna (2017)

The Underdogs (2017)

Bebas (2019)

Awards and nominations

Television show

Breakout (2014–2016)

NET. ONE Indonesian Choice Awards 2014

Gebyar BCA


Izzi (2014)

Garnier (2015–2016) with Mellya Baskarani and Chelsea Islan

ASUS (2017)

VIVO (2019)

Kapal Api (2019)

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