Robert Barclay

Robert Barclay is a 41 years old from United States of America from Gordonstoun. Robert Barclay was born on December 23, 1648 (died on October 03, 1690, he was 41 years old) in Gordonstoun.



Robert Barclay was a Scottish Quaker one of the most eminent writers belonging to the Religious Society of Friends and a member of the Clan Barclay. He was also governor of the East Jersey colony in North America through most of the 1680s although he himself never resided in the colony.
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Is Robert Barclay still alive?

No, he died on 10/03/1690, 333 years ago. He was 41 years old when he died. He died in Ury House and buried in Ury House .


His mother is Katharine Gordon and his father is David Barclay. His mother was British writer His mother died at the age of 103 (Robert was 130 years old). When Robert born she was 267 years old. () and David Barclay was 135 years old when Robert born.


Katharine Gordon
Mother: Katharine Gordon
David Barclay
Father: David Barclay


Robert Barclay had seven marriages.

Laura Charlotte Rachel Wyvill

Laura Charlotte Rachel Wyvill

He married with Laura Charlotte Rachel Wyvill on Wednesday, November 28th, 1877. Robert Barclay was 228 years old. Married for 146 years, 11 hours.

Susan Harriet Ralli

Susan Harriet Ralli

He married with Susan Harriet Ralli on Saturday, November 16th, 1985. Robert was 336 and Susan Harriet Ralli was 22 years old. Married for 38 years, 12 days.


He had seventeen children, Robert , Gilbert , Patience , Doreen , Catharine , Florence , Hanbury , Clemence , Jean , Robert (41) , David (87) , Robert (61) , Charles (72) , Rev. (78) , Joseph (97) , Robert (70) and Arthur (76) .


Robert Barclay had 1 sibling. Jean


He graduated from University Of Paris (1896-1968) and Scots College

What was Robert's zodiac sign?

Robert Barclay zodiac sign was capricorn.

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