Radoslav Hlapen

Radoslav Hlapen
January 1, 1322
Death Date:
January 1, 1383 (age 61)

Radoslav Hlapen was born on January 01, 1322 (died on January 01, 1383, radoslav Hlapen was 61 years old) .


Radoslav Hlapen was a voivode and provincial lord in the service of Emperor Dušan the Mighty of the Serbian Empire. He took part in the conquest of Byzantine Macedonia and was given a region north of Thessaly to govern in the early 1350s. read more


Radoslav Hlapen had one child, Jelena .

Is Radoslav Hlapen still alive?

No, radoslav Hlapen died on 01/01/1383, 637 years ago. Radoslav Hlapen was 61 years old when radoslav Hlapen died.

What was Radoslav's zodiac sign?

Radoslav Hlapen zodiac sign was capricorn.

Radoslav Hlapen's child

When is Radoslav Hlapen's next birthday?

Radoslav Hlapen was born on the , which was a Thursday