January 1, 420
Death Date:
January 1, 0461 (age 41)

Majorian was born on January 01, 0420 (died on January 01, 0461, majorian was 41 years old) .


Majorian was the Western Roman Emperor from 457 to 461. A prominent general of the Late Roman army Majorian deposed Emperor Avitus in 457 and succeeded him. Majorian was one of the last emperors to make a concerted effort to restore the Western Roman Empire. Possessing little more than Italy Dalmatia and some territory in northern Gaul Majorian campaigned rigorously for three years against the Empire's enemies. read more

Is Majorian still alive?

No, majorian died on 01/01/0461, 1559 years ago. Majorian was 41 years old when majorian died. Majorian died in Tortona

What was Majorian's zodiac sign?

Majorian zodiac sign was capricorn.