Łukasz Hanzel

Łukasz Hanzel, Polish footballer, 33 years old.

Association Football Player
Łukasz Hanzel

Łukasz Hanzel is a Polish footballer. He was born on September 16, 1986 (33 years old) in Cieszyn. Łukasz Hanzel is a Polish footballer who plays for Piast Gliwice as a midfielder.

When is Łukasz Hanzel's next birthday?

Łukasz Hanzel was born on the , which was a Tuesday. He will be turning 34 in only 206 days from today (23 February, 2020).

Łukasz Hanzel is 33 years old.

Łukasz Hanzel zodiac sign is virgo.
Łukasz Hanzel is 1.82m tall, which is equivalent to 5′12″.ft.

Sports Teams (5)

Team Match/Point Start End Age at that time
Ruch Chorzów 2016 He was 29 years old.
Piast Gliwice 2013 2015 He was 26 years old.
Zagłębie Lubin 2007 2013 He was 20 years old.
Wigry Suwałki 2015 2015 He was 28 years old.
Rozwój Katowice 2005 2007 He was 18 years old.

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Position Midfielder
Team Piast Gliwice, Zagłębie Lubin, Rozwój Katowice, LKS_Pog%C3%B3rze, Beskid_Skocz%C3%B3w
Given name Łukasz
Place of birth Cieszyn
Position played on team / speciality Midfielder
Sex or gender Male
Sport Association Football
Sport number 20
Country of citizenship Poland
Łukasz Hanzel (33 years)
Łukasz Hanzel

Polish footballer

  • Birth place: Poland, Cieszyn
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
Tuesday, September 16, 1986

Days left until next birthday: 206 days (as of February 23)

Birth sign: Virgo

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