John Gurney Hoare

John Gurney Hoare is a 64 years old from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from Hampstead. John Gurney Hoare was born on May 07, 1810 (died on February 16, 1875, he was 64 years old) in Hampstead as John Gurney Hoare.

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May 7, 1810
Death Date:
February 16, 1875 (age 64)
Birth Sign :


His real name:
Birth name of John Gurney Hoare is John Gurney Hoare
Is John Gurney Hoare still alive?

No, he died on 02/16/1875, 148 years ago. He was 64 years old when he died. He died in Biarritz


His mother is Louisa Gurney Hoare and his father is Samuel Hoare. His mother was writer on education His mother died at the age of 51 (John was 26 years old). When John born she was 25 years old. () and Samuel Hoare was 27 years old when John born.


Louisa Gurney Hoare
Mother: Louisa Gurney Hoare
Samuel Hoare
Father: Samuel Hoare


Caroline Barclay

Caroline Barclay, Actress


He had six children, Juliana , Anna , Louisa , Sir (73, British politician) , Robert (54) and Charles (68) .


John Gurney Hoare had 1 sibling. South African Air Force general Francis (18 years younger)


He graduated from Trinity College

What was John's zodiac sign?

John Gurney Hoare zodiac sign was taurus.

Other facts about John Gurney Hoare

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