Iola Leal Riesco Biography

Iola Leal Riesco (born 4 July 1977) is a Spanish environmental and social activist working for European Forest Ins*ute and Well Grounded. Her educational background is in the field of forest and human ecology. Since 2003 she has been working to help solve the challenges of integrating environmental issues into EC Aid policies and improve governance in forests globally. Her work continues to center upon EU policies as well as following closely the EU action plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade. In 2010, she set up with Cath Long the organisation Well Grounded, which provides services and support to African civil society organisations working with communities to help them *ert their rights and to improve forest governance.

Born in the city of Lugo, she worked for FERN, Amazonia *emblea de Solidaritat, Skamot Verd and Asociación pola defensa da ría, prior to joining EFI. Her M.Sc. degree in Biology is from the University of Barcelona.


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