Edward Henry Cooper

Edward Henry Cooper is a 75 years old from . Edward Henry Cooper was born on January 01, 1827 (died on February 26, 1902, he was 75 years old) in .


Is Edward Henry Cooper still alive?

No, he died on 02/26/1902, 120 years ago. He was 75 years old when he died.


His mother is Emilia Elinor De Montmorency and his father is Richard Wordsworth Cooper. () and Richard Wordsworth Cooper was 26 years old when Edward born.


Emilia Elinor De Montmorency
Mother: Emilia Elinor De Montmorency
Richard Wordsworth Cooper
Father: Richard Wordsworth Cooper


Charlotte Maria Mills

Charlotte Maria Mills

He married with Charlotte Maria Mills on Sunday, August 1st, 1858. Edward Henry Cooper was 31 years old. Married for 164 years, 2 months.


He had six children, Kathleen , Francis (41) , Brig.-Gen. (77) , Arthur (57) , Florence (84) and Venetia (78) .


He graduated from Eton College

Other facts about Edward Henry Cooper

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