Charles Barclay

Charles Barclay is a 72 years old from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from London, England. Charles Barclay was born on October 02, 1837 (died on January 02, 1910, he was 72 years old) in London, England.


Is Charles Barclay still alive?

No, he died on 01/02/1910, 113 years ago. He was 72 years old when he died.


His mother is Rachel Hanbury and his father is Robert Barclay. His mother died at the age of (Charles was 57 years old). When Charles born she was 27 years old. and Robert Barclay was 188 years old when Charles born.


Rachel Hanbury
Mother: Rachel Hanbury
Robert Barclay
Father: Robert Barclay


Charles Barclay had two marriages.

Charlotte Cassandra Cherry

Charlotte Cassandra Cherry

He married with Charlotte Cassandra Cherry in 1875. Charles Barclay was 37 and Charlotte Cassandra Cherry was 31 years old. After 94 years, 11 months, in 1969 Charles passed away.


He had seven children, Caroline , Rachel , Charlotte , Arthur (63) , Cicely (146) , Charles (145) and Madeleine (143) .


He graduated from Harrow School

What was Charles's zodiac sign?

Charles Barclay zodiac sign was libra.

Other facts about Charles Barclay

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