Béatrice D'Anjou

Béatrice D'Anjou is a 26 years old from France from . Béatrice D'Anjou was born on January 01, 1295 (died on January 01, 1321, she was 26 years old) in .


Is Béatrice D'Anjou still alive?

No, she died on 01/01/1321, 701 years ago. She was 26 years old when she died.


Her mother is Mary Of Hungary and her father is Charles II of Naples. Her mother was Governor Of The Netherlands; Queen Consort Of Hungary And Bohemia As The Wife Of King Louis II Her mother died at the age of 53 (Béatrice was 263 years old). When Béatrice born she was 210 years old. and Charles II of Naples was 41 years old when Béatrice born.


Mary Of Hungary
Mother: Mary Of Hungary
Charles II of Naples
Father: Charles II of Naples


Béatrice D'Anjou had two marriages.


She had three children, Maria , Fresco and Marie .

Other facts about Béatrice D'Anjou


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