Åse Kleveland

Åse Kleveland
Birth Place:
Stockholm, Sweden
March 18, 1949
71 years old
Birth Sign:

Åse Kleveland is a Norwegian singer and politician. She was born on March 18, 1949 (71 years old) in Stockholm.


Åse Maria Kleveland is a Norwegian singer and politician. A well-known folk singer and traditional guitarist in Norway she was appointed Minister of Culture in Norway from 1990 to 1996 representing the Labour Party under the Gro Harlem Brundtland administration. She was also president of the Swedish Film Institute from 1999 to 2006. In June 2007 she became Chairman of the Board of Human-Etisk Forbund the Norwegian humanist organization. read more


When her last album Venners Vise released, she was 70 years old.

Her first album Vær velkommen released 47 years ago, she was 23 years old. There were 13 songs in this album.

Awards (3)

awarded Norsk Form Honours Award in 1996 , awarded Pillarguri prize in 1999 ,


She graduated from University Of Oslo

Is Åse Kleveland still alive?

Yes, Åse Kleveland is still alive Last check: 3 months ago

Top Åse Kleveland Songs

  1. Skaff Meg En Synder - 2011 Remastered Version (Album Vær velkommen, released 47 years ago)
  2. Jeg Spiller For Livet (Album Jeg spiller for livet, released 3 weeks ago)
  3. Stor Slem Pike (Album Midt På Natta, released 44 years ago)
  4. Fritt Liv (Album Fritt Liv, released 3 years ago)
  5. Midt På Natta (Album Midt På Natta, released 44 years ago)
  6. Se, Der Reiser Hun (Album Midt På Natta, released 44 years ago)
  7. Hvor Skal Vi Dra? (Album Hvor skal vi dra?, released 5 years ago)
  8. Billedvev (Album Midt På Natta, released 44 years ago)
  9. Venners Vise (Album Venners Vise, released 6 months ago)
  10. Det Lyser I Skjebergsmia (Album Det lyser i Skjebergsmia, released 5 months ago)

What is Åse's zodiac sign?

Åse Kleveland zodiac sign is pisces.

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Eurovision Song Contest 1966 -

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When is Kleveland's next birthday?

Åse Kleveland was born on the , which was a Friday. She will be turning 72 in only 295 days from today (27 May, 2020).

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