Arthur Denys Cadman

Arthur Denys Cadman is a 88 years old from . Arthur Denys Cadman was born on June 01, 1911 (died on December 05, 1999, he was 88 years old) in .

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June 1, 1911
Death Date:
December 5, 1999 (age 88)
Birth Sign :


Is Arthur Denys Cadman still alive?

No, he died on 12/05/1999, 23 years ago. He was 88 years old when he died.


His mother is Lilian Harragin and his father is John Cadman 1st Baron Cadman. His mother died at the age of (Arthur was 52 years old). and John Cadman 1st Baron Cadman was 33 years old when Arthur born.


Lilian Harragin
Mother: Lilian Harragin
John Cadman 1st Baron Cadman
Father: John Cadman 1st Baron Cadman


Cary Baker

Cary Baker

He married with Cary Baker (63), on Thursday, December 28th, 1933. Arthur Denys Cadman was 22 and Cary Baker was 21 years old. Married for 89 years, 1 month.


He had five children, Anne (87) , Mary (85) , Dr. (82) , Cary (77) and David (60, Poet ) . When his first child, Anne Cadman, was born, Arthur Denys Cadman was 24 years old.

What was Arthur's zodiac sign?

Arthur Denys Cadman zodiac sign was gemini.

Other facts about Arthur Denys Cadman


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