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Justin Bieber, 27 Canadian singer
Russell Brand, 45 English comedian and actor
PewDiePie, 31 Internet personality
Markiplier, 31 American YouTuber And Internet Personality
Phil Lester, 34 British vlogger and radio personality
Dylan O'Brien, 29 American actor and musician
Jenna Marbles, 34 YouTube Star
Shay Mitchell, 34 Canadian actress and model
Shane Dawson, 32 American Internet personality
Karlie Kloss, 28 American model
James Maslow, 30 American actor and singer
Tanya Burr, 31 British make-up artist and YouTube personality
Tom Daley, 25 British diver
Juanpa Zurita, 25 Mexican social media influencer, vlogger, actor and model
Zack Ryder, 36 Professional wrestler
Abraham Mateo, 22 Spanish actor and singer
Hikakin, 32 Japanese beatboxer
Josh Peck, 34 Actor
Ryan Higa, 30 YouTube Star
IJustine, 37 American video blogger
Trevor Moran, 22 American musician
Ray William Johnson, 39 American Internet personality
Grace Helbig, 35 American comedian
Marques Brownlee, 27 American technology reviewer internet personality
Casey Neistat, 40 Film director
Toby Turner, 36 Comedian
Brodie Smith, 33 Australian rules footballer
Adam Montoya, 36 Notable video game commentator
Philip DeFranco, 35 video blogger
Michelle Phan, 34 Vietnamese American YouTube Star
Rydel Lynch, 27 American musician
Gavin Free, 32 YouTube Star
Egoraptor, 34 American internet celebrity
Charlie McDonnell, 30 British video blogger
Tay Zonday, 38 American Internet personality singer and comedian
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, 29 Russian American comedian
Emma Blackery, 29 Internet celebrity
Geoff Ramsey, 45 American voice actor
Freddie Wong, 35 American filmmaker
Lucas Cruikshank, 27 American actor
Xiaxue, 37 Singaporean television personality
KassemG, 37 Internet personality
Trisha Paytas, 33 YouTube Star
Issa Rae, 36 TV Actress
Jon Lajoie, 40 Comedian and musician
Alex Goot, 33 American musician
Chris Crocker, 33 American actor and comedian
Rémi Gaillard, 46 French humorist