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Nora Ibsen, 68 Theatre producer
Jodie Foster, 57 American actor film director and producer
Earl Carpenter, 50 British actor
Robert De Niro, 76 American actor director
David Selvas, 48 Actor
John van de Ruit, 45 south African writer
Neve Campbell, 46 Actress
Kevin Wallace, 63 British theatre producer
Mel Brooks, 94 American director writer actor and producer
George Sallis, 48 British theatre producer
Dominic Haddock, 34 Theatre and Opera producer
Whoopi Goldberg, 64 Actress comedienne author singer
Joanne Woodward, 90 Actress producer
Asia Kate Dillon, 35 TV Actress
David Geffen, 77 American record executive film producer theatrical producer and philanthropist
Brandon Victor Dixon, 38 Stage Actor
Joaquín Cortés, 40 Spanish dancer
Robert Hooks, 83 Actor
Antoinette Perry, 58 American actor
Cy Coleman, 75 American musician
Cristina Medina, 49 TV Actress
David Garrick, 61 English actor playwright theatre manager and producer
Andrei Konchalovsky, 82 Soviet film director
Fred Coe, 64 American director
Joseph Papp, 70 American theatre director and playwright
Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, 57 Actress
Peter Sodann, 84 German actor and politician
Paolo Guerra, 70 Film producer
Carolina Rivas, 42
Edwin Lester, 95 American theatre director
Bernard Delfont, 84 British theatre manager
Matthew Churchill, 53
Leo Kerz, 64 Art
Alexander H. Cohen, 79 American theatrical producer
Mick Leavitt, 61
Oliver Goldsmith (Canadian poet), 67 Poet
Albert H. Woods, 81 American theatre producer
Csaba Tasnádi, 60
Henry B. Harris, 45
Jenifer Estess, 41 American theatre manager/producer
Kim Poster, 63 Theatre producer
George Faison, 74 Actor
James de Beaujeu Domville, 81 Theatre producer
William Harris (theatrical producer), 72
Katharine Doré, 60 Film producer
Judy Craymer, 62 Film producer
Gilbert Miller, 84
Max Liebman, 78
Fela Fábregas, 87
Sigourney Thayer, 48 American theatre producer