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Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Seth MacFarlane, 47 Television producer
Eva Longoria, 46 American actress
Steve Carell, 59 American actor
Pedro Bial, 63 Brazilian television presenter
Judd Apatow, 53 American film director writer producer actor
Dianna Agron, 35 Actress singer
LeVar Burton, 64 Actor director
Ron Howard, 67 American actor and director
Rob Corddry, 50 American actor
Gary Medel, 34 Footballer
Casey Neistat, 40 Film director
Carlos Latre, 42 Spanish actor and comedian
Julie Plec, 49 American screenwriter
Melissa Joan Hart, 45 American actress
Edgar Wright, 47 English film and television director
Stephen Merchant, 46 British writer director and comic actor
James Lafferty, 36 American actor
Megan Amram, 34 American comedian and writer
Garry Shandling, 66 American comedian
Danielle Panabaker, 34 American actress
Joe Manganiello, 44 Actor
Armando Iannucci, 57 Scottish comedian
Bob Odenkirk, 59 American actor and comedian
Eugene Mirman, 47 American comedian
Lucas Cruikshank, 28 American actor
Oscar Nunez, 62 Comedian
Jason Bateman, 52 American actor
Leo Howard, 24 Actor model martial artist
David Duchovny, 61 American actor
Chris Addison, 49 British comedian
Greg Yaitanes, 51 \Television and film director
Eric Wareheim, 45 American musician actor and director
Kwaku Sintim-Misa, 64 Ghanaian comedian
Julian Assange, 50 Australian journalist programmer and Internet activist
Matt Bloom, 48 professional wrestler former National Football League player and schoolteacher
David Wain, 52 writer director actor and comedian
Nigel Lythgoe, 72 Executive producer and television director.
Stephen Moyer, 52 British actor
Matthew Mercer, 39 American actor
Phill Lewis, 53 Actor
Max Thieriot, 33 American actor
Amanda Tapping, 56 English-born Canadian actress
Fred Savage, 45 American actor/director
Greg Berlanti, 49 American television director producer and writer
Peter DeLuise, 54 American actor screenwriter and director
Bradley Walsh, 61 English actor
Rocky Carroll, 58 American actor