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Simon Cowell, 61 British artist executive
Ludacris, 43 Rapper actor
Sharon Osbourne, 68 English television personality and wife of Ozzy Osbourne
Guy Garvey, 47 British singer and guitarist
Damon Dash, 50 Entrepreneur
Lyor Cohen, 61 CEO
Rob Zombie, 55 American singer
Sha Money XL, 45 American record producer
Pete Waterman, 74 Record producer songwriter radio and club DJ television presenter railway enthusiast
Louis Walsh, 68 Irish manager in the music industry
Ryan Gentles, 43 Business Executive
Lou Adler, 87 American record producer
Richard Cole, 75 Tour manager for rock bands
Jan Fredrik Karlsen, 48 Norwegian television presenter
Rock Scully, 80 Music manager
René Angélil, 73 Canadian singer/manager
Mike Appel, 78 American music industry manager/record producer
Steve Rennie, 66 American musician
Art Neville, 81 American musician
Tony Visconti, 77 American record producer
Peter Mensch, 68
Tila Tequila, 39 Singer-songwriter glamour model
Irving Azoff, 73 Entrepreneur
Don Warden, 87 American musician
Paul McGuinness, 70 Irish businessman music publisher and manager of U2
Baba Ali, 45 American comedian
Kim Fowley, 75 American musician
Ray Columbus, 79 New Zealand singer
Jermaine Dupri, 48 American musician
Allan Williams, 86 Talent manager
Alex Wharton, 82 later also known as Alex Murray was part of the singing duo Most Brothers with Mickie Most and later co-manager and producer of the band Moody Blues
Alec John Such, 69 American musician
Paul Barrett, 79 British music agent
Bill Drummond, 68 Scottish musician music industry figure writer and artist
Mickey Dale, 53 English musician
Jim Beach, 79 British Music Manager
Alan McGee, 60 Entrepreneur
Bob Crewe, 82 American musician
Jake Gold, 63 Canadian music manager
Mathew Knowles, 69 Dark
Yandy Smith, 39 Reality Star
Scooter Braun, 40 Film producer
Michael Weist, 25 Talent Manager
Debra Antney, 59 Entrepreneur
Andrew Gertler, 32 Talent Manager
Jerry Heller, 75 American businessman
Brian Epstein, 32 personal manager impresario
Haim Saban, 76 Media proprietor