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A-do, 47 singer from Singapore
Frank Luntz, 59 American political consultant author and pollster
Rany Jazayerli, 46 American baseball statistician
Andreas Schleicher, 57 German statisitician
David Spiegelhalter, 68 British mathematician
Andrew Gelman, 56 American mathematician
Benedict Bermange, 46 Cricket scorer
Peter Whittle, 94 Mathematician and statistician
Daniel Peña, 73 Rector of the Charles III University of Madrid
Rob J. Hyndman, 54 Australian statistician forecasting
Andrea Montanari, 56 Italian sprinter
Willem Saris, 78 Dutch sociologist
David Dickey, 75 American statistician
Peter Armitage, 97 British statistician
Neil Howe, 70 American academic
Howard Friedman, 49 American statistician
John Zogby, 73 American political pollster
Adrian Raftery, 66 Irish statistician
Tukufu Zuberi, 62 American sociologist
Richard Gilbert, 41 English cricketer
Erich Neuwirth, 72 professor of statistics
Len Cook, 72 New Zealand statistician
David Berri, 52 American sports economist
Christopher A. Sims, 79 American time-series statistician and econometrician developer of vector auto-regressive models Bayesian statistician President of the Econometric Society 2011 winner of the Nobel Prize
Michael A. Newton, 57 Canadian statistician
Peter Donnelly, 62 Australian mathematician and academic
Gene V. Glass, 81 American statistician
John Pullinger, 62 British statistician
Ian Ford, 70 Scottish doctor academic
Olivier Martin, 33 Australian ice hockey player
Drew Cannon, 31 American statistician and sportswriter
Dianne Cook, 69 Australian Basketball player and coach
Rosemary A. Bailey, 74 British statistician and algebraist known for her work in the design of experiments (association schemes combinatorial designs linear models analysis of variance) as as a spokesperson for mathematical statistics
Pete Palmer, 83 American baseball statistician and sportswriter
Michael I. Jordan, 65 American artificial intelligence researcher
Hans Rosling, 73 Swedish doctor and academic
A. W. F. Edwards, 86 British statistican and genticist
Florence Nightingale, 90 English nurse and statistician
Alan Turing, 41 Computer scientist mathematician and cryptographer
Daniel Bernoulli, 82 Mathematician
Herman Hollerith, 69 statistician inventor businessman
Carl Friedrich Gauss, 77 Mathematician and physicist
Sir Francis Galton, 88 Mathematician
Harold Wilson, 79 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1964–1970 and 1974–1976)
Milton Friedman, 94 American economist public intellectual Nobel laureate
Story Musgrave, 86 Astronaut Medical Doctor public speaker consultant
Dick Goddard, 90 American meteorologist
Mir Masoom Ali, 84 Bangladeshi American educator and author