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Shakira, 43 Colombian singer
Yoko Ono, 87 Artist
Jared Leto, 48 American actor and musician
Paul McCartney, 78 English rock musician
Sylvester Stallone, 74 Film actor director screenwriter and television presenter
Swizz Beatz, 41 American rapper
Adrian Smith, 63 British musician
Banksy, 50 English graffiti artist political activist and painter whose identity is unconfirmed
Dani Daniels, 30 American pornographic actress
Lucy Liu, 51 American actress
Joe Hahn, 43 American DJ
Arturo Rivera, 75 Mexican artist
Colette Carr, 29 American singer and rapper
Don Eddy, 75 American artist
Mike Parr, 75 Australian artist
Andrea Martí, 32 Mexican artist
Yang Ning, 58 Chinese footballer
Elisabetta Fantone, 37 Canadian artist
Zakes Mda, 72 South African writer
A Ge, 72 Chinese print artist
Adam Pete, 54 German artist
Francesco D'Isa, 39 Italian artist
David Choe, 44 Painter
Tony Morgan, 73 Olympic sailer
Antonio Helguera, 54 Cartoonist
Romero Britto, 57 Brazilian artist
Jenny Holzer, 69 American conceptual artist
Andrea Way, 71 American artist
Clare Rojas, 44 American artist
Soraya French, 63 contemporary artist known for her vivid use of colour in acrylic based multimedia
John Roos, 54 American diplomat
Ana Maria de Martinez, 75 Salvadoran artist
Joseph Kyle, 48 Scottish footballer
Andrew Spence, 73 Drummer
Pete McKee, 54 British artist
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, 88 Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980
May Stevens, 95 American artist
Ahmet Güneştekin, 53 Painter conceptual artist sculptor
Mylo, 64 British musician
Charles Tersolo, 46 American artist
Dlux, 43 Australian artist
Abbey Ryan, 41 American artist
José García Antonio, 72 Mexican potter
Mike Mayhew, 40 New Zealand artist
Simon Bull, 62 American artist
Steve Wheeler, 34 British academic
Miguel Angel Reyes, 56 American artist
James More, 53 Magician
Francesco Giugno, 44 Italian painter
Camilo Sesto, 72 Spanish singer and composer