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Scott Overall, 37 British marathon runner
Kenny Moore, 76 American distance runner
Sara Hall, 37 American long-distance runner
Ahmet Arslan, 34 Turkish mountain runner
António Pinto, 54 Athletics (sport) competitor
Carlos Lopes, 73 Olympic runner
Elana Meyer, 53 Athletics (sport) competitor
Amby Burfoot, 73 American distance runner
Martha Tenorio, 54 Athletics (sport) competitor
Rubén Maza, 53 Athletics (sport) competitor
Germán Silva, 52 Mexican marathon runner and two-time New York winner
Blake Russell, 45 Athletics (sport) competitor
Lynn Jennings, 60 American long-distance runner
Daniela Petrescu, 52 Romanian distance runner
Mahmut Yavuz, 38 Turkish long distance runner
Charlotte Purdue, 29 English long-distance runner
Manuel Matias, 58 Athletics (sport) competitor
Joyce Smith, 82 British athlete
Angharad Mair, 59 welsh journalist
Steve Kenyon, 68 English long-distance runner
Paulo Guerra, 49 Athletics (sport) competitor
Greg Meyer, 64 American distance runner
Nick Rose, 68 British distance runner
Abel Kirui, 38 Kenyan marathon runner and two-time world champion
Alina Ivanova, 51 Athletics (sport) competitor
María Portillo, 48 Peruvian marathon runner
John Burra, 54 Athletics (sport) competitor
Roberto Echeverría, 44 Chilean marathon runner
Karl Hack, 59 Long-distance runner
Diego Colorado, 46 Colombian marathon runner
Julia Armstrong, 61 British marathon runner
Billy Mills, 82 Olympic gold medalist athlete and United States Marine Corps officer
Fernanda Ribeiro, 51 Athletics (sport) competitor long distance runner
Melanie Kraus, 45 German long-distance runner
Gladys Tejeda, 34 Peruvian distance runner
Billy Mills (poet), 66 Irish poet
Mónica Rosa, 42 Portuguese distance runner
Jenn Shelton, 36 American ultramarathon runner
Larry Damon, 86 American cross-country skier
César Mercado, 60 Puerto Rican distance runner
Brian Sell, 42 Athletics (sport) competitor
Yoko Yagi, 40 Japanese long-distance runner
Alberto Salazar, 62 American long-distance runner and coach
Julio Rey, 48 Athletics (sport) competitor
Leah Thorvilson, 41 Marathoner
César Lizano, 38 Olympic runner
Luís Novo, 50 Athletics (sport) competitor
Carlos Cordero, 43 Mexican long distance runner