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Rubén Fuentes, 95 Mexican musician
Alexander Rybak, 35 Singer actor Violinist composer Pianist
Carrie Rodriguez, 43 American singer
Phil Beer, 68 British musician
Kenny Klein, 66 Musician author fiddler
Sam Bush, 69 American musician
Jane Pratt, 58 American journalist
Stuart Duncan, 57 American musician
Eliza Carthy, 46 English folk musician
Laurie Lewis, 70 American musician
Calpernia Addams, 50 LGBT rights activist from the United States
Gabe Witcher, 43 American bluegrass fiddler
Alison Krauss, 50 American musical artist
Kathryn Tickell, 54 British musician
Sierra Noble, 31 singer-songwriter
Chris Stout, 45 British musician
Sharon Shannon, 52 Irish musician
Amanda Shaw, 31 American singer-actor
Kendel Carson, 36 Canadian musician
Bruce MacGregor, 80 Canadian ice hockey player
Casey Driessen, 42 American musician
Jackie Oates, 38 British singer
Nic Jones, 74 British musician
Natalie MacMaster, 49 Canadian musician
John Arcand, 79 Canadian Metis fiddler
April Verch, 43 Canadian musician
Lori Watson, 40 Scottish folk musician
Jim Van Cleve, 43 American musician
Lindsey Cardinale, 36 American musician
Woody Paul, 72 American musician
Darol Anger, 68 American musician
Mike Block, 39 Cellist arranger composer software designer
Andrew Bird, 48 American musician
Bobby Hicks, 88 American musician
Jay Ungar, 74 American musician
Maria McCool, 47 Irish singer
Pee Wee King, 86 Country musician and songwriter
Rayna Gellert, 45 American musician
Robert Byrd, 92 United States Senator from West Virginia
Pake McEntire, 68 American musician
Rick Danko, 56 Actor
Stoney Cooper, 58 American musician
Shug Fisher, 76 American actor and musician
John Hartford, 63 American musician
Martie Seidel, 51 Country Singer
Megan Mullins, 34 Country Singer
Mark O'Connor, 60 Violinist
Nick Hoffman, 42 Country Singer