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Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Ben Stiller, 55 Actor Comedian Director Writer
Steve Carell, 59 American actor
Rainn Wilson, 55 Actor
Ben Affleck, 49 American Actor
Russell Crowe, 57 Australian actor
Sylvester Stallone, 75 Film actor director screenwriter and television presenter
Edward Norton, 52 American actor
Jane Lynch, 61 Actress
Alec Baldwin, 63 American actor
Ed Helms, 47 American actor and comedian
Ron Perlman, 71 Actor
Michael Keaton, 70 American actor
Natasha Lyonne, 42 Actress
Fran Drescher, 64 American film and television actress comedian screenwriter television director producer author and activist
Angelina Jolie, 46 American film actress
Jeffrey Tambor, 77 American actor
Cloris Leachman, 95 Actress
Chazz Palminteri, 69 Actor writer
Sean Connery, 91 Oscar-winning Scottish actor
Shirley MacLaine, 87 Academy Award-winning American film and theatre actress
Stephen Tobolowsky, 70 Actor and writer
David Zayas, 59 TV Actor
Danny Trejo, 77 American actor
Christian Bale, 47 English actor
Eric Stoltz, 60 Actor
John Turturro, 64 American actor
Lisa Kudrow, 58 American actress
Cher, 75 singer actress songwriter author entertainer
Angela Lansbury, 96 Actress singer television producer writer
Jodie Foster, 58 American actor film director and producer
Wallace Shawn, 77 Actor writer author voice artist and comedian
Gary Oldman, 63 Actor screenwriter director producer musician
Timothy Spall, 64 British actor
Owen Wilson, 52 American actor
Jack Nicholson, 84 American actor
Bill Murray, 71 American actor and comedian
Bradley Cooper, 46 Actor
Winona Ryder, 49 American actress
Simon Callow, 72 British actor
Kathy Bates, 73 Actress director
Paul Giamatti, 54 American actor
John Hurt, 77 English Actor
James Caan, 81 Actor
Brad Dourif, 71 Character actor
Jon Favreau, 55 American actor film director
Clint Eastwood, 91 Actor director film producer composer politician
Christopher Walken, 78 Actor