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Marci Liroff, 63 American casting director
Patricia Reyes Spíndola, 68 Mexican actress director and producer in films TV series and theatre plays
Tigmanshu Dhulia, 54 Indian film director
Melissa McBride, 56 American actress
Keythe Farley, 58 Voice actor casting director and voice directo
Michael Donovan, 68 Canadian actor
Julia Tomasone, 23 TV Actress
Matreya Scarrwener, 23 TV Actress
Cecily Adams, 46 American actress
Elvy Yost, 33 Actress
Joanna Merlin, 90 Actress
Mukesh Chhabra, 41 Film producer
Maxwell Arnow, 81 Casting director
George Roubicek, 86 Austrian actor
Cécile Maistre, 54 Writer
Susanne Ritter Film producer
Sonia Almarcha Actress
Pino Pellegrino, 69 Actor
Sig De Miguel Film producer
Shaila Rubin, 71 Film producer
Michael Shurtleff, 86 American casting director
Shane Hart
Luis San Narciso Film producer
Dan Velez Film producer
Stephanie Chao Actress
Elena Stejko, 71
Dolly Thakore, 78 Indian actor
Phyllis Huffman, 61
Levia Hon Film producer
Terrence Stone, 66 Irish actor
Mary Jo Slater, 75 American film producer
Mimi Maynard, 120 Film producer
Juel Bestrop Film producer
Joy Todd Film producer
Jerrica Lai Actress
Brune Compagnon-Debouverie, 50
Nessa Hyams Film producer
Orit Azoulay, 61 Film producer
Tammara Billik, 59
Ellen Chenoweth Film producer
Aakash Dahiya, 38 Actor
Horacio Castelo, 48
Judy Blye Wilson
John S. Lyons Film producer
Jamie Sparer Roberts, 47 Film producer
Michael Cassara, 40 American theatre director
Elske Falkena Film producer
Robert J. Ulrich Film producer