Your Highness 13 years old

Get your quest on.

Your Highness

A fantasy movie about an arrogant, lazy prince and his more heroic brother who must complete a quest in order to save their father's kingdom.


Your Highness Cast

Name Character
Natalie Portman She was 29, now 43 years old as Isabel
Danny McBride He was 34, now 47 years old as Thadeous
Damian Lewis He was 40, now 53 years old as Boremont
Charles Dance He was 64, now 77 years old as King Tallious
Zooey Deschanel She was 31, now 44 years old as Belladonna
Justin Theroux He was 39, now 52 years old as Leezar
James Franco He was 32, now 46 years old as Fabious
Michael Clarke Duncan He was 53, 54 years old when he died as The Giant Troll
Julian Rhind-Tutt He was 42, now 56 years old as Warlock
Toby Jones He was 44, now 57 years old as Julie
Charles Shaughnessy He was 56, now 69 years old as Narrator / Soul of the Maze
Deobia Oparei He was 40, now 53 years old as Thundarian
Madison Welch She was 20, now 33 years old as Forest Woman
Rasmus Hardiker He was 26, now 39 years old as Courtney
Amber Anderson She was 19, now 32 years old as Maiden
Simon Farnaby He was 38, now 51 years old as Manious the Bold
Brian Steele He was 54, now 67 years old as Minotaur
Amii Grove She was 25, now 38 years old as Forest Woman
Angela Pleasence She was 70, now 83 years old as Mother
Caroline Grace-Cassidy She was 34, now 47 years old as Handmaiden
Matyelok Gibbs as Mother
B.J. Hogg He was 55, now 69 years old as Royal Advisor
Rhian Sugden She was 24, now 37 years old as Forest Woman
Anna Barry She was 75, now 88 years old as Mother
David Garrick He was 294, 61 years old when he died as Daronius the Swift
John Fricker He was 27, now 40 years old as Marteetee
Tjebbo Gerritsma He was 52, now 52 years old as Marco Keizer
Eva Wyrwal She was 22, now 35 years old as Regina

Your Highness Crew

Name Department
Gail Stevens as Casting. Production
Craig Alpert as Editor. He was 61 (now 74) years old Editing
Scott Stuber as Producer. He was 42 (now 55) years old Production
Andrew Z. Davis as Executive Producer. Production
David Gordon Green as Director. He was 35 (now 49) years old Directing
Tim Orr as Director of Photography. He was 43 (now 56) years old Camera
Ben Best as Writer. He was 11 (now 24) years old Writing
Ben Best as Screenplay. He was 11 (now 24) years old Writing
Steve Jablonsky as Music. He was 40 (now 53) years old Sound
Jon Mone as Executive Producer. Production
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Your Highness (13 years)

Get your quest on.

  • Release day: Friday, April 08, 2011
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Budget: 49900000.00
  • Revenue: 28013733.00