Whiteforce 34 years old


Johnny Quinn has been set up by a drug lord and must find a way to clear his name before the bad guys and his own agency put him in the ground.


Whiteforce Cast

Name Character
Sam Jones He was 6, now 40 years old as Johnny Quinn
Jaime Fabregas He was 38, now 73 years old as Wizard
Vic Díaz He was 58, now 91 years old as Martinez
Tim Hughes He was 10, now 44 years old as Korda
Kimberley Pistone as Nicki

Whiteforce Crew

Name Department
Eddie Romero as Director. He was 65 (88) years old when He died Directing
Whiteforce poster
Whiteforce (34 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, November 22, 1988
  • Runtime: 90 minutes